Postdoctoral Fellow

Postdoctoral Fellow

Opportunities for Individual Growth

  • The individual will have the opportunity to expand his/her fundamental knowledge gained during doctoral (Ph. D) program to solve practical, industrial problems in a cooperative environment between the selected university and Banzan

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop differentiated, potentially patentable solutions to well identified practical problems with defined boundary conditions including cost, ease of implementation, etc.
  • Thorough understanding of literature, patents and competing technologies, and communicating to stakeholders
  • Leverage experience of university professors and industrial consultants to expedite new product and process development.
  • Develop and strengthen collaboration between university and Banzan

Job Function

  • Postdoctoral research


  • Process development and optimization
  • Adhesive formulation knowledge
  • Failure analysis and troubleshooting while incorporating sound material science and analytical techniques
  • Creative mindset with a bias for learning and action
  • Ability to lead and act independently


  • Ph. D. in Polymer Science and Engineering/Chemical Engineering/Polymer Chemistry


  • Experience in the grafting of polyolefin with maleic anhydride is highly desirable.
  • Adhesive formulation, broad hands-on knowledge of testing equipment
  • Track record of publication and invention.